About Us

Pacific Auxiliary Fire Alarm Co. was founded in 1889 and is the oldest locally owned fire alarm company in the West Coast. PAFA  provides the very best in service for a wide range of customers and types of systems from the small apartment owner, to commercial buildings; servicing almost every brand of fire alarm equipment. We pride ourselves in being able to make repairs to systems for which there are no drawings or technical information on site. We have a full technical staff that can analyze most systems without the aid of drawings, both new and old. We are committed to provide honest service, reasonable prices, and getting equipment and parts, when still available, from most manufacturers. Our staff is knowledgeable when it comes to the various building and fire codes and provides information and prices that PAFA honestly feels will provide its customers with systems that will meet and/or exceed these codes, at the greatest value.

Much of PAFA’s work on older systems makes the staffs duties much harder than if they worked on only newer systems of one manufacturer, but PAFA feels that it is often in its customers best interest to continue to provide this type of service. PAFA also knows, however, when it is best to advise its customers when a new system is in order.

about us

During PAFA’s first year of operation, the Board of Supervisor’s of the City and County of San Francisco, granted Pacific Auxiliary Fire Alarm Company an exclusive franchise to tie interior manual pull stations into city street boxes. PAFA currently holds a Fire Alarm Connection Permit issued by the City and County of San Francisco. Thanks to the work done by PAFA, San Francisco was the first major city on the West Coast to have an extensive street call box system capable of alerting the Fire Department via any of the “city-wide” interior pull stations. The fire alarm industry has been good to PAFA and its many employees. For this reason, PAFA is a member of the California Automatic Fire Alarm Association, Inc. and the President has served as president and WBFAA Board of Directors, and AFAA, a national trade group of these very important and active associations.

PAFA was there to “answer the call” for the City of San Francisco in 1889, we’re here today to “answer the call” for you, and we’ll be here well into the future to “answer the call” when ever we’re needed.